Samsung Galaxy S8’s Upcoming ‘Red Tint’ Display Issue Fix Confirmed by Company

South Korean tech giants, Samsung, are pegged to bring out an unusually early software update for its newly-released Galaxy S8 handset.

This move was prompted by some reports that came from Galaxy S8 consumers who complained of red-tinted screens.

In an effort to satisfy its many customers and avoid ‘’bad press,’’ the tech giants have opted to release an update that will likely solve the issue, to be released before the end of this week.

We can all agree that the unveiling of Samsung’s top-end flagship that has earned a lot of appreciations is a key step for the South Korean tech firm to move past the humiliating it sustained last year involving the withdrawal of the Galaxy Note 7 over exploding batteries.

The Galaxy S8 smartphone commenced with over-the-counter sales in the US and its home market but South Korean early handlers complained about their screens showing an unusually reddish hue.

Even after online images of their handsets went viral on social media, the tech giants managed to calm the situation by claiming that it wasn’t a hardware-related issue and further claiming that users could manually adjust the color range according to their preferences.

Notwithstanding, a significant number of users were still not convinced and this has prompted Samsung to state that a software update would fix the problem by allowing these affected users to readjust colors over a wider range than at present.

Samsung, also widely known as the world’s largest handset maker, has pinned its hopes on the Galaxy S8 to contend with the likes of Apple’s iPhone, following last year’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

To recall, the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, cost Samsung billions of dollars in lost profits and ruined its global credibility, forcing the tech giants to apologize to customers and postpone the launch of S8.

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