Samsung Galaxy S8 Seems to Stand Tall in First Durability Test

Now that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ handsets have been finally released in many countries, the customary durability tests have begun cropping up online. The first one was spotted showing the Galaxy S8 through the most abrasive treatment possible.

Beginning with the scratch test, the handset’s Corning Gorilla Glass 5 display was put through various standards of scratching and gave in at ‘level 6’, which is the current industry standard.

During the test, it was also noticed that the earpiece on the Galaxy S8 does not coalesce with the screen, but is a little pushed inside, thus leaving a gap for dirt to settle.

The test also saw that the earpiece on the Samsung Galaxy S8 device is relatively smaller than the one seen on the Galaxy S7, however, the internal component is what matters the most.

The Galaxy S8’s flash also seen protected by the glass cover at the back, and the fingerprint scanner, were also heavily scratched, but still managed to function properly.

A burn test was also conducted, and normally the handsets get a white tinge and never recover, but, the Galaxy S8 was seen recovering back in 30 seconds. However, upon giving it a third try, the burn mark finally stayed on.

The Galaxy S8 buttons and edges which are all made of metal also got scratched after harsh treatment. The back of the device appeared to be very long-lasting and does crack pounding, but still looks pretty durable in normal environment usage.

Finally, the handset was also cited going through a bend test, and the phone sports nearly zero flex, passing this test with flying colors.

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