Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumoured to Ditch Physical Buttons and Support S Pen Accessory

Following so many rumours, concerning all the features to be seen when Samsung’s next generation flagship, the Galaxy S8 finally arrives, many more rumours seems to be surfacing every now and then.

As latest rumours would have it, there is a high probability the South Korean tech giants are looking to include the S Pen functionality on its Galaxy S8 device. Further rumoured to be an external accessory, the S Pen support functionality was already a very much anticipated feature that many Samsung users were already looking forward to.

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Nonetheless, one report surfaced online earlier this week, claiming that Samsung had made up its mind to act against adding S Pen feature to the next generation Galaxy S series smartphones.


Following that, another report also suggested that Samsung is likely to offer S Pen as one of the accessories for the upcoming Galaxy S8. Many will agree that it makes so much sense, putting into consideration, the fact that the device is expected to sport a huge 6-inch display. Nevertheless, it is still quite unclear to many, what the price for S Pen as an accessory would be.

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Samsung, who is widely rumoured to unveil the Galaxy S8 with thin bezels is also likely to ditch all the physical buttons in favour of soft keys. Furthermore, the report also claims that the company is considering making use of soft keys with 3D Touch-like functionality.

As of now, this is all the information we have regarding this matter, and until the Samsung makes an official statement to confirm whether or not they this news is positive, we’ll just have to wait until it does so.


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