Samsung Galaxy S8+ Reportedly Receiving Its First Update, Includes Security Patch

Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ handset which was reportedly tipped to get its release in several regions across the globe last week, is now also claimed to be getting its first update roll out.


Interestingly enough, this first update doesn’t offer any interesting new features ahead of release, but however, does contain April 2017 security update that fixes several vulnerabilities related to the operating system on the handset.

As of now, the first software update for Galaxy S8+ units has already begun showing up for users in Belgium and Germany and is expected to make its way to other countries in the next coming days.

Apparently, the update comes with improvements for the facial recognition feature of the handset, considering that a bypass was earlier found for the feature shortly after its unveiling.

Apart from this improvement, the update also brings along an April Android security update, which reportedly fixed a total of 49 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) in Android OS.

What’s more, some smartphone users also saw an additional 16 fixes specifically for the South Korean company’s Galaxy handsets.

Earlier this month, one YouTube video showed that the Galaxy S8’s facial recognition technology can be fooled just by using the user’s image.

Going by the video, the user simply took another handset with his picture on it and took it slowly towards the Galaxy S8 to have the device unlocked.


The ease with which the user was able to unlock the handset brought about a great concern regarding the security on the smartphone.

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