Samsung Galaxy S8 Mass Production Reportedly Begins, Galaxy S8+ Spotted on Benchmark Site

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 Plus are set to unveil on March 29 and more rumors about both handsets seems to have picked up pace.

Going by the latest leak, it was confirmed that the devices have already attained a mass production stage, and the company is looking to make more than 10 million units available in the initial phase. Also, the Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone was reportedly spotted online with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 chipset.

While Samsung might be looking to disseminate more than 10 million units at first, the company also hints that its will not prioritize South Korea this time, as it will launch the smartphone globally across markets almost at the same time.

Further, the South Korea tech giants are reportedly preparing for a global launch now, and the mass production of Galaxy S8 has already commenced in its production unit in Vietnam.

The handset is expected to ship 4.7 million in March, and another 7.8 million units in April. This amounts to a total of 12.5 million units of production from the first day of dissemination.


As far we know, there is no clarity on the ratio of production between the two size models. No one can say for sure if the larger one will get more preference than the small one and vice-verse.

The only major difference between the two will likely be the display and battery.

Separately, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus device is also expected to bear 4GB of RAM speed and run on Android 7.0 Nougat.


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