Samsung Galaxy S8 AI Assistant May be Called ‘Bixby’

Samsung has reportedly registered for a brandmark in South Korea seeking an exclusive ownership to the word ‘Bixby’ which the company intends to use for operating voice recognition system across digital platforms. The registration which has led to a lot of ongoing speculations suggesting that the name could be that of the Samsung’s planned AI assistant which was previously rumored to be unveiled with its Galaxy S8 in 2017.

According to reports, the brand name is expected to be used to operate voice recognition system and computer software for enabling hands-free use of the Galaxy S8 smartphone device through voice recognition.


Sometime last week, Samsung’s mobile communication vice president reportedly disclosed certain key features that should be expected from the Galaxy S8 that included artificial intelligence. The timing of filing the trademark is quite perfect has it has led many to believe that the voice assistant is the same that is being built for the Galaxy S8 which after would be made available on other Samsung devices as well.

Even though it has not been clarified whether Viv Labs, the artificial intelligence start-up founded by Siri developers and acquired by Samsung are the ones likely to create this voice recognition system.

Galaxy S8

Apart from the Galaxy S8 featuring Al assistant, the device is also expected to sport an enhanced camera, processor and a crafty design that differentiates the handset from its predecessors. Some recent rumors have claimed that the phone may even sport a 4K display.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to be launched in February next year, taking place at the MWC.

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