Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Black Pearl Edition Goes Official in Selected Markets

Following the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge that seems to be doing well in the smartphone industry, the company also revealed that its Galaxy S7 Edge will soon roll out in black pearl color variant.

This new development lies seventh in the long list of trimmings available for Galaxy S7 edge. Now, the long awaited Galaxy S7 edge black pearl is now being made available in 128GB version, at select markets.

Widely known as one of Samsung’s most fingerprint-friendly phones, the Galaxy S7 Edge, black color pearl is beginning to win the hearts of wounded Galaxy Note 7 users at large.

Some users have even suggested that this black pearl color variant of the Galaxy S7 edge can be taken to the ring against Jet Black iPhone 7. The handset offers a design somewhat similar to the S7 edge Olympic Games edition, except, this one is a bit glossier in nature.

With Black pearl being designed to a more modern suit, offering a wide of array of multi-coloring capability, the  Samsung Galaxy S7 edge can now be purchased in black pearl, blue coral, pink gold, black onyx, gold platinum, silver titanium and white pearl color variants.

glossy black

After Samsung was almost put out business from its Galaxy Note 7 hiccup, the company is looking to make a comeback by introducing new variants of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The tech giants who recently introduced Blue Coral variant and now glossy black color option is also working on its next-generation Galaxy S8 which is rumored to feature all-screen design due to be unveiled sometime next year.

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