Samsung Galaxy Plus to Replaces the Edge in The Company’s S line

After a long run of luck and to some extend, bad management, Samsung appears to be remodelling itself with theway it plans to run its business in the coming year.

Alot of rumors have been flying around concerning what the Korean smartphone company is planning for its next flagships with the Note Line reportedly killed off compleletely –Who can blame? It was really bad business — and in its place will be new version of the S line.


Word from one of the top Korean news channels MK news, has it that come April 2017, Samsung will release a new variant of the S series dubbed the “Galaxy S8 Plus”.

Now, unlike previous models, both the S8 plus and S8 have 6-inch display and 5-inch display respectively, plus they could also feature dual curve Quad HD screens, which means the Curve variant won’t be a seperate version of itself with both devices having curved displays.


It is also reported that both the 6-inch Galaxy S8 Plus and the 5-inch Galaxy will have fingerprint scanners embedded in their displays, though there is another report that stated that the fingerprint sensors may actually be situated on the rear shell.

All of these reported are uncomfirmed offficially but with the Samsung is reshuffling internally, releasing only two variants of the S line isn’t out of the question.

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