Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Still Being Used by More People Than LG V20, OnePlus 3T Combined: Report Claims

Earlier this year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled by Samsung after several explosion cases were reported by many of its loyal users.Following that, a second recall was issued which led to the phone being discontinued by the company. Since then, Samsung has been urging all users to have their handsets returned to the company for their own safety.

Despite the fact that the South Korean tech giants remained in the news for the wrongs reasons, a recent report, however, has surfaced, suggesting that the Galaxy Note 7 is still being used by more users than the LG V20 and OnePlus 3T smartphones altogether.


While this news still serves as a shocker to many, another report also claimed that the number of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices currently in use surpasses the LG V20 and OnePlus3T, by a very significant margin. Even though it far exceeds only marginally less than the Moto Z smartphone, this news is just quite astonishing.

While Samsung can brag all it wants, Pixel smartphones on the other hands, both from Google and Sony Xperia XZ, which were also launched around the same time as the recall, managed to out-do the existing Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

note 7


Earlier this year, Samsung announced that it will disable all its Galaxy Note 7 device in the US market, in a bid to dissuade people from using the discontinued device.

The South Korean company also reportedly claimed that 93 percent of the total Galaxy Note 7 smartphone devices from the US have been successfully recalled by the company.

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