Reports – LG G5 TBA At CES 2016, Sequel To V10 In H1? – LG G Flex 3 In Tow?

If you’ve been keeping up with us lately, you’d be pretty much aware that we’ve covered varying rumors on the Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as the updated Galaxy A series smartphones – which include the A7, and A8.

Samsung has enjoyed quite some attention in the tech industry but then the follow-up giant has enjoyed little to none. Now, why don’t we give LG some attention?

LG has done some really impressive work as of late with its V10 smartphone that we can confidently say is one of the top 5 premium smartphones of 2015. The device’s performance and features are truly breathtaking — read our review on the V10.

LG V10 Color Options

However, we’ll be pretty much doing a cover up of the devices to expect from the second Korean giant in the industry. According to a report from the company’s home country, there might not be an update to the G Flex series without any specific reason why.

LG’s has managed to stay out of the spotlight up until now. The giant will reportedly have up to three devices in line for a release in the first half of 2016.

We should expect a sequel to the LG G4 as early as CES 2016 – that’s to hold in January – and so is an update to the G Flex 2 – even tho it might not materialize.

These reported devices include the LG G5 (unveil in April like the G4 if not January), G Flex 3, and we might also see an update to the V10.

LG G5 colorful display

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That is as much as we know for now and we will bring you up to speed as soon as we find out more. However, do not forget to take a proverbial pinch of salt on everything we’ve said here and be sure to leave your comments down below.

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