Project Tango Initiated Phone to be Called Lenovo PHAB2 Pro and to Feature a 6.4 inch 2K Screen

As the 9th of June approaches, the plans for the new project Tango initiated smartphone — which is as a result of the partnership between Google and Lenovo – are beginning to come to light and these are getting all camera-centric users on the edge of their seats.

It also worth nothing to say that the date set for the launching of this new smartphone is the same date for Lenovo’s biggest event of the year where we are hoping to see other gadgets, laptops and smartphones hit center stage.

Since after CES 2016 when we first heard about this partnership, not much has been disclosed about the upcoming project tango smartphone from Lenovo up until now. However, evleaks, a credible leakstar just leaked out some details one of which portrays this device as one with a big display.

According to evleaks, this new smartphone would be called Lenovo PHAB 2 and would be featuring a 6.4 inch display which correlates with what the company said as the they revealed that the display of their new device would not measure up to 6.5 inch.

More on the display though is that this large screen would be a Quad-HD display – which is most appropriate for a screen of that size — and would come in with a resolution of 1440 Pixels at a pretty impressive 459 pixels per inch.

Well, as we already know, the project Tango is a 3D-camera centric project however, we still do not have news on what sensors would be used nonetheless we are only days away from the Lenovo Tech World 2016 and there we would get all necessary details, including the price of the PHAB2 Pro.

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