Pixel Users Facing Issues in Receiving Text Messages, Google Promises a Fix

Google has a reputation for many things, and that includes a host of issues with its Pixel devices that keeps popping up every now then.

While some of us might never grow weary of reporting some of these issues, the truth is, Google Pixel users are gradually losing their patience for the California-based giants.

Somehow, the company has made it a habit of making promises about fixing issues with its Pixel devices, that were initially claimed to function at the highest level possible. So much for being a ‘’top-end’’ flagship handset.

As it turns out, several Google Pixel consumers are claiming to be experiencing issues involving receiving text messages on their devices.

As usual, Google has gotten in front of the issue by promising to release a fix that will resolve the whole problem.

Well, most of us might be wondering, what’s the point of trying to fix one problem when we are most certainly sure that, another problem will surface in a matter of time.

Some users, however, have been able to successfully resolve the text message issue by simply factory resetting their units. Others, however, are still reportedly claiming that the issue persists even after rebooting and resetting their devices.

Whilst the company has told everyone to wait for an update fix, we can’t help but hope that this will be the last time Pixel phone develop an issue.

Just last month, Pixel fans with Android Oreo OS reported several bugs that were affecting mobile data connectivity. According to the report, one of those bugs was seen consuming data when the units were connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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