Physical QWERTY Keyboard Mod For The Moto Z Line-up

Recently, a Motorola executive announced that there will be a new inflow of twelve new Moto Mods for their hot selling Moto Z line-up in 2017. Now, news has it that out of the twelve is a full slide-out QWERTY physical keyboard which was spotted on Indiegogo crowd funding site.

As at late January, it was seen of a developer displaying two Moto mods on the fund portal, one of them adds the IR blaster to the Moto Z whilst the other supports wireless charging to the same device.

In the month of February, we saw ‘Edge’ Moto Mod from Imagine Tech, Poland that brought the world’s first RGB lighting system for Moto Z smartphones as it provides personalised notifications to you in a stylish manner.

The QWERTY keyboard is designed in a landscape form with five rows of keys and its top line of keys is occupied by numerals, while the alphabet keys can be seen in the next three rows.

From its outward appearance, the Enter key seems big as it occupies the second and third row at the right side while the fifth row sports a large-sized Space bar. Compared to the portrait mode, the landscape mode features larger keys which enhance our typing experience.


LivermoriumLtd, the developer of the project is of the opinion that if sufficient funds are gathered, then we should expect Qi wireless charging feature to the keyboard and probably a gamepad. The keyboard is powered by a battery of 2100mAh, and a Motorola batwing logo can be seen on the slider keyboard.

Interested users can add their email address on that page to register for it to receive new updates on it. It is expected to be a quality product because it will not only be designed by a professional team but also it will undergo production at Foxconn. The physical keyboard Moto Mod is targeted to be available for shipping in June.

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