PhotoMath for Android – Free Math App for Homework is Now Available

I don’t know about you guys, but I wasn’t very good at math back in the day and if I had anything like PhotoMath (or an Android phone for that matter), life would be much easier. PhotoMath for Android, developed by MicroBlink, is an educational app for anyone who wants a little help with solving math problems.

You simply take out your text book, snap out your Android phone and use the camera to take a picture of the problem you want solved. PhotoMath will then process the problem, solve it, and even give you all the steps for the solution.

Math App for Homework Android

Even though the app is now available for download on the Play Store, it has been popular on iOS and its App Store. The main reason behind the app’s success is its user interface, because solving math problems using smartphones isn’t a new concept, but the way PhotoMath executes it makes the app a no brainer.

MicroBlink, the company behind PhotoMath has actually developed the text recognition technology employed by the app to scan and identify math problems you shoot via your phone or tablet’s camera.

The latest version of the app can also solve quadratic equations using your Android and performs faster thanks to some tweaks and optimization.

Since Android phones and tablets are becoming more common among students, this is an app you must try, not only because it’s free but also because its actually useful as opposed to being a show-off party-trick app.

Developer: Photomath, Inc.
Price: Free

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