Oukitel C5 Pro’s Unbreakable Display put to the Test — Video Included —

When it comes to manufacturing rugged smartphones with very cheap price tags, Oukitel is second to none. That’s not all though, this OEM is also one of the best when it comes to advertising the ruggedness of their handset with various videos and outdoor physical tests.

As 2017 has commenced, Oukitel has wasted no time as they have set their cameras in placed to video their very own Oukitel C5 Pro undergoing quite a boatload of destructive and stressful tests to prove if it is really all what it talks about.


The Oukitel C5 Pro on its own became a hammer as it was used to hit nails into wood and then it traded places with the nail as they used the hammer to knock around the display with no harm whatsoever coming to it.

If that’s not enough for you, the handset was also thrown unto a concrete floor – which we must say is the main reason why majority of our displays crack or shatter – but still came out unscratched with the touchscreen fully functioning.

This high level of resistance was made possible thanks to the protective glass which can withstand more than 800MPa of pressure and has up to 9H hardness. The phone also comes in with a silicone protective cover which also proved to come in handy in the end of the video when the handset was dropped quite a number of times and still remained intact.

The handset is a good buy for anyone as it also does have pretty niche hardware with an affordable price tag and very soon, you would be able to get the phone for $69.99 over at a Flash sale.

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