Oppo’s Best Selling Series, the R9, Has Sold more than 20 Million Units And is Still Selling

Whilst other manufacturer are jubilating over the selling of a bit over 20 million units for 2016, Oppo have just revealed that their much loved Oppo R9 series has just crossed the 20 million units mark and the number is still rising as smartphone enthusiasts just can’t get enough of it.

Oppo R9 series isn’t stranger to this site as their fame has not eluded anyone ear with rapid purchases here and there, and we also saw how this smartphone put the Chinese start-up on the top of the selling charts for many months, above other Giants like Xiaomi, Huawei and a handful of others.

The R9 series of device consist of four niche smartphones which are the Oppo R9, Oppo R9 Plus, Oppo R9S, and finally Oppo R9S Plus. Although these smartphones might be different one way or the other, they all still have one unique attribute which measly front cameras which are built for the selfie users out there.

oppo r9s plus

Although this smartphone might be termed as selfie centric, they have also come in with specs that give them that much needed competitive edge in the market which seems to have paid off. We saw them make the first batch of this smartphone – the R9 and R9 plus – available in Q1 of 2016 whereas the R9S and R9S Plus came in during the Q4 showing us that they were really determined on making the best out of this R9 series of devices.

Oppo R9S

To crown all up, during the Christmas period, they also launched a red-colored variant to go along with the festive season and it was made available for purchase only in China for its home based fans. 2016 was super successful for Oppo so we hope they keep up with the pace this New Year.

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