OnePlus 5 Scores higher Than Xiaomi Mi 6 and Galaxy S8 in AnTuTu Benchmark Results

One of the most eagerly anticipated smartphones of this 2017 is most definitely the OnePlus 5. This OEM started up a trend of shipping forth smartphones that shake the market with the introduction of their first handset and every other that followed saw great success with the latest of them all being the Snapdragon 821 powered Oneplus 3T.

It is right about now that they usually launch their flagship handsets for the year and the next in line is the Oneplus 5 – yea, the skipped “4” moniker and went straight to “5”. AnTuTu has given us a glimpse of what this smartphone has to offer in the few coming weeks when this smartphone goes official.


From the results of the benchmark, we can see that this handset is a true beast as it scores a whopping 176,000 points which is higher than what Xiaomi’s Mi 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 flagship smartphones recorded.

The smartphone, just like its predecessors features a 5.5 inch Full HD touchscreen and it will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor. This chipset will be coupled up with 6GB RAM and an internal storage capacity of 64GB. However, since the OP3T has a 128GB variant, we are quite sure that we might be seeing this large memory variant make an appearance on the Oneplus 5 as well.

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On the camera side of things, there are two 16 megapixel camera sensor making an appearance on the front and back panel of the handset. This handset has been rumored to get launched in the ending of June, but that is a rumor so treat it with the proverbial pinch of salt.


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