OnePlus 5 Receiving OxygenOS 4.5.3 Update With Wi-Fi Drop Issue, Other Fixes

Not too long ago, OnePlus 5 received the OxygenOS 4.5.2 update and now the handset is seen getting a higher OxygenOS 4.5.3 update – to be pushed out to units in India.

To refresh the OnePlus 5 device brought OxygenOS 4.5.1 update on the day of the global release and shortly afterward received OxygenOS 4.5.2 update that came with several bug fixes and optimizations. According to reports, this latest OxygenOS 4.5.3 update also brings along bug fixes and optimizations with it.

As per bug fixes, the update is seen to have resolved an expanded screenshot display issue, Google Translate stutters, and Wi-Fi drops.

Apart from that, the OxygenOS 4.5.3 also comes with some optimizations that include for system stability, effects of auto-brightness adjustment, camera effect and stability, and accuracy of data usage statistics.

The update is 54MB in size and comes with a build number ‘’A5000_22_170624.’’ To recap, fixes in the OxygenOS 4.5.2 update included an application installation issue and system update failure.

The Oxygen 4.5.2 update also brought along optimizations in the camera, Bluetooth, network and system area as well as third-party app compatibility.

To refresh, the OnePlus 5 handset also brings several additions in the software department, considering a higher version of OxygenOS was used by the company when compared to the OnePlus 3T.

The handset saw different software like Reading Mode, Expanded Screenshots, App Priority, Translucent App Drawer, Auto Night Mode, Off-Screen Gestures, Gaming DND Mode, Secure Box and Customisable Vibrations.

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