OnePlus 5 Doesn’t Adjust Stereo Audio Recording Channels, Users Report

It’s no secret that since the unveiling of the OnePlus 5 handset, the device has been experiencing different issues that are beginning to seem endless.

Not too long ago, users reportedly claimed that their OnePlus 5 handsets were experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues, which was later seen bearing a ‘jelly scrolling effect’ while browsing the Web and the Twitter application.

The company, however, was quick to react as it claimed it was due to a natural occurrence. Nevertheless, a new issue just surfaced online again, claiming that the stereo left and right audio channels do not adjust automatically when the orientation of the handset is reversed.

Normally, all mobile phones built with stereo speakers change their audio channels from left to right and vice-versa whilst recording – depending on the handset’s orientation to record optimum sound for the video.

As it turns out, OnePlus 5 doesn’t do that and instead adheres to either the correct or inverted channel. This issue has been seen affecting a significant number of OnePlus 5 users who are already getting frustrated given the chain of problems associated with the phones.

According to users, anytime they record with the home button to the left, the left/right channels sound right but when recording with OnePlus 5 home button to the right, the audio becomes inverted.

Interestingly enough, many OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T consumers were also reportedly seen reporting a similar issue, so it’s quite safe to say that this bug has been around for a while, but has just been discovered right now.

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While there is likely to be a fix for this issue, we will just have to wait and see when the company plans on pushing out a software fix.

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