Officially Launched – Orico MOUPS 100,000mAh Power bank for $280

Power banks have been a growing market since they were first introduced some years back. We have seen manufacturers like Xiaomi, Samsung dig their claws into this spectrum, nonetheless, none of them have been able to attain what Chinese start-up, Orico, has achieved.

This OEM has just officially introduced a massive power bank which they tagged with the moniker, Orico MOUPS. This power bank comes in with several ports that give it the ability to charge various other devices which also includes other power banks.

It comes in with two different sizes that include a hefty 50,000mAh sources and an even better, humongous 100,000mAh power source. Having this much juice has turned this device into a UPS as it can also power TVs, mini drones, refrigerators and a few other appliances. This is made possible thanks to the three different kinds of batteries the power bank carries which are LG, Panasonic and Samsung.


A total number of four different charging ports are available for this beast giving you the ability to supply power to four different gadgets at once. Not also forgetting to mention that the monstrous power bank brings Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology to the table with a max output power of about 18W.


To brighten things when it gets a little dark, the folks over at Orico have graced it with a set of LED flashlight that can be on throughout the night with a minimal decrease in the battery life. Also thrown into the mix is a 220V AC outlet which accompanies the four other ports and another DC outlet as well.


More so, there is a 32W solar charging board that can be bought separately for a price of $72. The 100,000mAh MOUPS costs $290 whereas its smaller 50,000mAh variant asks for just $188.


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