Officially Launched: Huawei Honor 8 Pro With 6GB RAM and QHD Display

Huawei has started off this year on the right foot with quite a lot of handsets already going live in different parts of the world. This manufacturer, although based in China, have expanded their market across Asia and Europe as well. This is further made evident in their new launching on European soil for the Huawei Honor 8 Pro.

Over the past few weeks we have been seeing Huawei change the names of their device based on the location where they are being launched. This is the same thing they have done here as they Huawei Honor 8 Pro heading to Europe is the same device as the Huawei V9 smartphone that was recently launched.

Huawei Honor-8-Pro

The handset comes in with a 5.7 inch 2k touchscreen display which comes in handy when the phone is using its VR capabilities. The handset comes in with a pair of cardboard VR glasses and a VR game as well. The 4000mAh battery pack it features give you long our of VR enjoyment as well.

Huawei Honor-8-Pro

Under the hood, a Kirin 960 processor is powering the device alongside 6GB of RAM and an internal storage space of 64GB that would also be made expandable to additional memory through the microSD card slot made available.

There is a dual 12Mpix main camera on the back panel of the handset which is accompanied upfront by an 8 megapixel main camera for all selfies and video calling apps as well. The phone is made available in three different color variants that include navy blue, midnight black and gold.

The phone is available over at for a price of $592 whih also includes accessories as well.

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