Officially Launched: Cravier Nokia 3310 Supreme Putin for $1700

Nokia is really the name on everyone lips this year as they kicked of 2017 with speed as they launched their first smartphone the Nokia 6. This handset proved to be loved by all as it saw a good session in the market for both the first and second flash sales where it sold out in under one minute.

Whilst the Nokia 6 still shakes the market, the manufacturer also took full advantage of the recently concluded Mobile World Congress where they made official and announced a handful of devices. These smartphones included the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, variants of the Nokia 6 and the legendary Nokia 3310.

All these handset proved to be quite the beauty but one that really got stuck in our heads was the coming back of the Nokia 3310. The device cam with physical keypad as well as other niche specs. Seeing a handset with keypad launch at MWC seems quite off but it has paid of for the OEM as we can see that quite a boat load of interested buyers have shown vested interest in this handset.

Cravier Nokia 3310 Supreme Putin

However, it is not just users that have shown interest in this device, Cravier, a Russian company has also shown interest in this device which has led them to manufacture the Cravier Nokia 3310 Supreme Putin. This handset is aimed at those with Fat wallets and bank accounts as it asks for about $1700.

Cravier Nokia 3310 Supreme Putin

If you are wondering why the Russian President’s name is part of the moniker, his gold carved face at the back panel should do the explanation. Just below his face, the national anthem is inscribed in Gold as well, so there is a whole lot of Gold on this handset.

Cravier’s loyalty to their nation has no bound and we do know that there would also be a handful of others who would love to have their president on their palm. Just saying.

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