Nokia Working on Its own Artificial Intelligence Assistant Viki – Report

For the past few months, things have been looking quite good for Nokia, as the company has been working tirelessly to release high-end products in a bid to get back into the smartphone industry.

After so many years of not producing any smartphone device that could compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung, the Finnish based company, thinks it’s about time it changes the status quo.

After the just concluded launch of Nokia’s first Android smartphone that’s already getting a positive response from the market, the company has been reportedly discovered to be working on its own version of artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to be named Viki.
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Recently, HMD Global was reportedly seen to have submitted a request for trademark protection in the European Union. The description of the product spotted in the request surfaced online, indicating that the company is currently working on the creation of a Software that includes the Artificial Intelligence (Al) assistant.

The leaked image online shows that Nokia is working on a voice-based interface and digital assistant that is likely to be named Viki. Even though HMD Global is still yet to confirm this news, many of its loyal consumers are already excited and are hoping that it turns out to be true.

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According to reports, if the news turns out to be true, then Nokia could be easily ranked as a major contender with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

May will definitely agree that with the introduction of the AI assistant on Nokia’s upcoming Android smartphone, would most certainly help the devices to stand alone in the crowded smartphone market.

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