Nokia 3310 Luxury ‘Putin-Trump Summit’ Edition Launched at $2,468

It is quite fascinating to see the different kinds of handsets that are been launched this year and the return of the Nokia 3310 have been one of the most appreciated devices since it came.

As if that isn’t enough, HMD Global seems to have revamped the handset a bit with the launch of this new Nokia 3310 Luxury ‘Putin-Trump Summit’ edition.

This new ‘Putin-Trump Summit’ edition of the Nokia 3310, was reportedly developed in honor of the meeting that took place between the president of the US and Russia at the G20 international forum.

The handset, as far as we know, is currently being made available for sale at a premium price of around $2,468.
Manufactured by one Russian phone customizer named Caviar, the Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit edition comes with the same features offered by the regular version but sports a luxurious leather casing that has stripes of ‘Black Velvet’.

The casing of the device is said to be made up of tempered titanium of VT-23 grade and the coating is a damask steel pattern. For those thinking there hasn’t been much thought put into the product, they might actually be wrong.

According to one report, the allegory shows both Donald Trump and Putin staring into the same direction, whilst showing the common desire for a steady progress in Russian-American relations.

Additionally, Caviar is also seen bringing an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in a Putin-Trump Summit edition as well, except users will have to pay an additional price for the handset when compared with Nokia 3310 (2017).

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