Nokia 3310 Durability Test Sees It Struggle to Handle Scratches, Burns

The first ever made Nokia 3310 as we all know, was widely known for its sturdiness and durability. But as it turns out, the new Nokia 3310 has reportedly been seen as the complete opposite of the former, in terms of scratch resistance and build quality.

Going by one test video that was spotted on YouTube, the Nokia 3310 (2017) showed little resistance against scratches when the tester tried to use a level 5 knife.

The same knife has been used on modern flagships like Samsung Galaxy S8 in times past and nothing happened. However, the new Nokia 3310 failed to withstand the efforts of the knife and as such, sustained significant scratched to its body.

We can all agree that the presence of a plastic screen and body on this new feature phone from Nokia is the last thing people expected when compared to the original version.

It was also seen from the test, how the new Nokia 3310’s camera lens’ entire camera module popped out fairly easily after applying some pressure with the knife on the sides.

What’s more the handset was tested with a little fire and immediately got burned and sustained irreversible marks at the front of the display.

To recall, HMD Global has promised that the new feature phone will roll out with the same sturdy form factor as the original variant.

Separately, the handset was seen with a slimmer and lighter body compared to the original Nokia 3310. The mobile device’s display was also a very large one tagged with a physical keyboard whose key size and structure will be slightly changed. The new Nokia 3310 also came with a color display, replacing the monochromatic one.

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