New teaser From Meizu Points A Mystery Device Code Named Meizu “X”

Meizu is one manufacturer that needs no introduction whatsoever to our site or any other as they have in times past impressed us with wonderful smartphones and gadgets and are currently still in the business of keeping people edge seated awaiting the launching of anything they have to offer.

As of now, we are all in eager anticipation of the Meizu M5 which has a launch date scheduled for the 31st of October and also the Meizu Pro 6 s which has been the talk of the town for quite sometime now although the launching date of this handset still remains out of our grasp.


However, new teaser proves that this OEM is up and out again to launch something new, as the teaser had on them the moniker, Meizu X, and we believe the ‘X” in the name stands for unknown as Meizu would want to keep us all guessing what next they have in stalk for us.

As of late, we have been seeing rumor mongerers already trying to guess what new deal this Chinese Giant has to offer and this has landed many to believe that this would be a new sets of headphone, others have it that it might turn out to be a TV box whereas some few others believe this would be Meizu’s gateway into the Virtual Reality spectrum.


We initially though this was going to be a smartphone, nonetheless, we have received Intel from reliable sources that this device would see the light of day on the 31st alongside the Meizu M5 and based in Meizu’s launching pattern, its highly unlikely for them to launch two smartphone at once.

That being said, October 31st is just a few days away, so if our intel turns out to be true, we are just a few days from knowing which mystery gadget this manufacturer has to offer.

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