New Comer Into The Smartphone Market, Maze, Set Plans To Launch The Maze Alpha

Smartphones with tiny or no bezels are becoming more rampant since it was first introduced by the Sharp Aqous and made even more popular by Xiaomi with the introduction of the very first commercially available concept smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

This year has started off and we believe we are going to be seeing more and more of such handset, nonetheless, the first to show up happens to be one from a new comer into the market. Maze recently introduced a new phone with the moniker Maze Alpha which comes in with a large, crispy and bezel less screen.


Entering the smartphone market with such a handset would definitely gain this OEM their much need traction in an already crowded smartphone spectrum. This phone comes in with some mouth-watering specs and niche addition as well, however we do not know when it would be hitting the market.

The Maze Alpha would be going official with the Android Nougat operating system fully operational from the box. We are sure that there would be a fingerprint scanner but where it would be located, we still do not know, nonetheless, it might just turn out to be a Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the display.


The phone sports a 6 inch AMOLED display – we should know the resolution in the next few weeks – that would be protected by a Corning Gorilla 4 Glass which should keep the screen from damaging, fingerprint and other harms as well.

The phone would be coming soon and we are sure it would do quite well. As the launching date approaches, we are sure that more new on this handset would begin to come to light, so stay tuned as we would dish them out as they come.

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