New Battery From ATL with 40W Fast Charge Tech — Battery Full in 34 mins

The Q3 and Q4 of this year have been a nightmare for the Korean Giant as their recently launched flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has all been called back due to the fact that their batteries have been exploding.

However, it is worth taking note that it’s not all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices that are exploding as those in the Chinese market are still standing strong and this is because the battery pack it features was made by ATL (Amperex Technology Limited)

ATL battery

This Chinese-based OEM has in times past and present, produced battery packs that have proven to be worth our cash and now, they have just introduced a new battery which comes in three different sizes and would be fully equipped with 40W fast charging that refuels it from 0-100% in just above 30 mins – 34 mins to be exact.

Amongst the three sizes made available is a 3000mAh cell which can charge from 0-80% in just 24 mins and get gull in 34 mins, however, safety concerns arose seeing the OEM take some precautions which has led to this battery taking 24mins to reach 80% and 40-50 mins to fully charge.

ATL charge-curve

What we see amongst smartphones with fast charging technology is that their lifespans get shortened but the ATL has assured the public that their batteries would maintain the 500-charge life-cycle which is common amongst most batteries of late. More so, they went on to say that even after the 700-charge, the battery would just be 80% efficient which is pretty awesome.

They are still making some addition to it before it is commercially made available and we should see it ship with its first smartphone in Q1 of 2017.

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