More Images of The Meizu Blue Charm Handset Spotted Online

Meizu has been quite busy this year with some of their handsets already launched and out in the market, whereas some few others have been set to see the light of day pretty soon. Among the others expected to launch later on is the Meizu E2 or the Meizu Charm Blue.

News surrounding this particular phone has been up and about for quite some time now with many leaks, rumors, and images flooding the net. Yet again, added to the numerous pictures of this handset already out there, we still got to see more.


This time around, we have got a glimpse at both the front and the back panel of the Meizu Blue Charm. It has a premium look at first glance thanks to its well-crafted aluminum chassis with a well-smoothened finish — which should enhance your grip — and curved edges as well.

From the pictures, we can see that there is a physical home button below the display which we believe has a fingerprint scanner embedded in it as we suspect it might be their traditional M-back physical home button we have seen make it way to other Meizu handset.


A pretty cool design has been given to this smartphone so we suspect that this device would be heading to the mid-range market and since it is Meizu, we are sure to see the handset go live with an affordable price tag. With regards to the specs, we would just have to wait a bit longer as they are still in the dark.

Nonetheless, we are approaching its launching date so expect to be updated with more news as to what innings it would sport when it goes live.

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