Microsoft Garage Launches Two Oddly Named Business Centric Apps For Android

Microsoft’s garage project has launched two business centric apps that offers radically different services.

The two applications are called Sprightly and Kaizala. The former is purposely for PR related things (creating customizable promo content on the go) the latter is geared towards keep continuous contact between teams in a chat like environment.


Microsoft Garage Sprightly App

This app is targeted towards creating opportunities for the users business and personal life, not only can you create high grade professional level catalogues and price listings for your products (Which can be shared on digital social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and others) you can also create personalized Ecards to send to close relatives and friends. There is a feature called “Collection” which lets you easily combine images (that you frequently use in content creation) together.


Microsoft Garage Kaizala

This app, on the other hand is more like a link between colleagues and co-workers. It has a chat feature that helps you stay virtually in touch with those that you work with
and adds a one-click location updater that keeps you in the loop about everyone’s physically location too. You can use the app to chat individually or create a group to have around the table discussions and tasks can be assigned to each person (making it easy for everyone to get their daily responsibilities without the need to be physically present), this increases the speed at which projects are distributed.

There is a handy feature that allows users to quickly and easily assemble meetings while confirming and checking for availability as well.

Microsoft Kaizala
Microsoft Kaizala
Price: Free
  • Microsoft Kaizala Screenshot
  • Microsoft Kaizala Screenshot
  • Microsoft Kaizala Screenshot

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