Meizu Will Not Be Entering the Full Screen Market This Year Says VP Li Nan

Meizu recently launched the Meizu E2 smartphone which proved to be a good boost for the manufacturers as they are still ripping fruits with registrations pilling up. There is word with regards to more devices making way to the market in the few coming months and amongst these handset should have been a bezel less smartphone bringing them aboard the trending bezel less band wagon.

Jack Wong, Meizu Chairman, recently took center stage to make an announcement with regards to their 15th year anniversary which will be in 2018. He went on to say that they will be making a handset with cutting edge and top notch specs or better still their “dream machine” as he put it.


We doubt there is a dream machine in this present generation that will not come with bezel less display so we might just have to wait until next year if we want to see one of such handsets from this manufacturer. Also buttressing this point was VP Li-Nan, who went on to say that there will not be any full-screen smartphone launching with the Meizu brand name this year.

He went on to acknowledge that full screens are the trend for flagship smartphones of this year, nonetheless, he is still unclear about their whole design and the positioning of the fingerprint scanners. This though doesn’t mean that Meizu will never venture to the full-screen market, just means that we will not see any head out from them this year.

Him being unsure about the design means that he has already started research on a full screen smartphone, so who knows, they might just have one in their works already.

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