Meizu Unveils Meizu Music Flip case

Manufacturers are increasingly becoming innovative with every new iteration of their gadgets and this is made evident during Meizu’s recent event wherein they officially launched the much talked about Meizu Pro 6S and another brilliant initiative in the form of a phone casing called the Meizu Music Flip case.

At first glance, this device carries the form factor of a standalone MP3 player  although in real terms  the phone is manufactured within a protective case. However, Meizu has also found a way to make this casing act as an MP3 media player.


We do know that casings are usually not heavier than smartphones so we can see the brilliance of this manufacturer at work as they have managed to gather up light material that is more than capable of getting the job done.


Being a flip-style casing, the manufacturers have managed to make the most out of this design as they have also added nifty implementation to this casing which lets you operate the device even when the lid is closed. Some of thefeatures which you can enjoy from this casing includetasks like answering phone calls and listen to the music of your choice alongside many others.


When Meizu made official the Pro 6S smartphone, they had this flip case in mind as they recently shipped out a casing for the aforementioned smartphone which is currently available over at the Meizu Official website and it went on sale on the 7th of November with an asking price of just $22.

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