Meizu Smartphones to Come with Dual Displays Thanks to new Patents For Next Gen mBack Technology

As 2017 approaches, we are expecting to see manufacturers step up their game in terms of innovation and Meizu seem to already start leading the way. They have just unveiled their patents which reveal they should be stepping into the dual screen spectrum with their next gen of smartphones.

One of the patents they released is one with the patent number 201610589545 X that should us a single smartphone which would be having a display both on both sides. The display upfront would be much larger than the one at the back and both would be able to interact with each other.


Some of the features we expect to see this new implementation bring to the table is smart switching which would see the secondary screen take over from the main display whenever the battery is running low. This would save more power since the secondary screen is smaller and less consuming.

We already have some who believe that this might just be used as an ulterior method for the back function we mostly see with Android smartphones. If that be the case, then we might just be look at the successor to Meizu’s traditional mBack home button.

Meizu Pro 6 Edge

We saw how innovative Meizu were with the mBack feature and it even got them awarded as it bring interaction with the smartphone to a whole new level. The mBack feature up to four different kind of features to offer to the user, starting from acting as a fingerprint sensor to acting as a back button with a simple tap.

Long press it to lock the device, press it and you would get the home button feature at your disposal. If all these goodies are to be replace by a secondary display, we believe we should be in for more than a surprise.

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