MagicMount- The Solution To Your Charger Issues

Having a phone is more complicated than we all realise these days. Back in the day when phones first launched, it was quite simple owning one, but, lets be honest, no matter the kind of phone you use in this 21st century, you need to spend on it, buy accessories like ear piece, chargers for office, home, and travelling purpose, power bank, and a host of others.

But what if there was actually a way to make all these so convenient and easy, especially in regard to the numberless chargers/chords intertwined everywhere.



MagicMount is the answer to all your worries. Magicmount is a charger that serves all the use and purposes of all those chords you feel you needed, it’s a bit larger than the ones you are used to, though. It plugs into a grounded outlet and has a single USB port on the bottom, capable of 2.4A output which in a way taps into the power of magnets.

Truth is, there isn’t anything so special about it, yet, it has its outstanding needs. For instance; MagicPlate – an adhesive panel that secures to the back of your smartphone – you can stick your phone right onto the Wall Charger, where it will remain securely in place.


However, the two metal plates the charger comes with serves two different purposes, one serves for the standard 5-incn phones whilst the other is for phablets. It also has a transparent protective film sticker which is first attached on any gadget before attaching the magnetic plate.

It’s quite simple to use, just get any power outlet, connect a USB cable, and finally, connect your phone in an upright position. Thanks to the way it holds phones facing forward, you’ve got a good view of any status LEDs to let you know when charging’s done.

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