Lollipop Update for Android One Phones in India “Gradually” Rolling Out: Users Mad

After having promised Indian Android One phone users a quick update to Android 5.1 Lollipop, Ceaser Sengupta, the Product Management Director at Google has given a status update on Google Plus, according to which the Lollipop update for Android One Phones has started rolling out “gradually”.

While this is a good news for Indian owners of Android One phones like Karbonn, Spice or Micromax who have been waiting to try the latest flavor of Android on their affordable smartphones, most of these users have taken the opportunity to express their disappointment with Google’s delay and vague promises.

According to Mr. Sengupta’s post, only selected Android One phones will be getting the update for now and more models will be added in the coming weeks. He also gave users a “pro-tip”, advising them to stay connected to a Wi-Fi network to increase their likelihood of getting the update.

Some of the responses from Indian Android One phone users under this post include:

“After purchasing the Android one with enthusiasm and great confidence…GOOGLE DITCHED US….. Mr +Caesar Sengupta, please do mind that we have not paid for charity. Why the hell do we have to use PRO-TIP to get update? Is it that you are running a lottery businness? LOL. Dont cheat customers being world gaint. Learn from Motorola or even for that matter local LAVA that how to keep your words.”

“This is just a marketing propaganda to fool people around. Lost all faith in Google. Really you people treated Indian users like third class citizens.”

“Sir I am sorry to say this but you people are really making it tough… First the long silence then the gradual rollout… U r making it sure that every customer suffers in terms of disappointment …. Mark my words but thus lollipop ordeal will be remembered and every time you come up with an announcement…”

While these are only some of the comments, the general sentiment of Indian Android One phone users is that Google has been less than reliable when it comes to keeping the promise of delivering prompt Android updates to Android One phones.

If you’re an Android One phone owner we’d love to hear from you. In order to learn more, read: Meet Android One Phones.

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