LG Will be Dishing Out Smartphone With OLED Panels Again, Starting with the LG V30

When it comes to manufacturing LCD display for any form of technology, LG Display – an arm under LG which handle the manufacturing of screens – is second to none. However, LCDs are not all their hands are into as they have also hopped aboard the flexible display and OLED screen market as well. They have produced OLED panels for devices like smartphones –am looking at you Xiaomi Mi Note 2 –, smartwatches, TVs and some few others.

However, although they themselves are the manufacturer of this highly demanded OLED panels, the folks over at LG have just managed to dish out a few smartphones featuring such panels. However, things seem to be taking a turn this year as they have put plans in place to grace some of their upcoming handset with this display.


Majority of the OLED panels that are currently in production will be moving forward to make an appearance on their upcoming flagship smartphone, the LG V30. This smartphone will be a successor to the V20 that went official last year and it will hit the market in one of the weeks of September.

This will definitely be a disturbing to other manufacturers as the little that will remain will either shared amongst all of those planning to get an OLED panel smartphone out in the market. Theses manufacturer include top dogs like Samsung and Apple, so others below the food chain might just settle for smaller OEM that make OLEDs.

We recently saw how Samsung greedily horded the first batch of the Snapdragon 835 processors, they doing it again for these OLED panels is an option no one should rule out of the book.

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