LG V20 Bootloop Issue Caused by Non-Genuine USB Type-C Cables, Company Reportedly Claims

Following the Boot-loop issue that almost put LG out of its smartphone business taking place sometime in January this year, the company assured many of its consumers that it would do everything in its power to solve the problem.

The company which later identified that it was due to a hardware problem, also promised to repair all affected devices. While LG kept to its word by doing all it could do make the problem go away, it seems as though the company did not do its best, as new cases of similar issues have been recently unveiled.

According to reports, LG V20 smartphone users have been complaining about a boot-loop hiccup that seems to be inconveniencing them. Except, this time around, the company has come up with a different explanation and a lot of its users don’t seem to be buying it.

According to the report, one LG official claimed that the boot-looping issue happened because many of its loyal consumers are failing to use a genuine USB Type-C cables with the phone. While many will agree, it’s quite absurd for LG to come up with such a blatant lie – this only proves to many users that the company does not have the tiniest regard for them.


Many LG V20 users are currently displeased and are still hoping the company comes up with a better explanation apart from the one that obviously seems irrationally out of question.

We’ll just have to wait and see if at all LG is planning to make another acknowledgement of the issue or try issuing a warning against the use of fake USB Type-C cables, if indeed, they are the reason behind all these boot-looping nightmares.

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