LG G6 Surfaces Next to LG G5 in Leaked Image

As teasers of the LG G6 continues to come forth, the original LG G6 is now edging closer towards its launch date. In a new leaked teaser, the upcoming LG G6 is showed from all angles, there is also an additional image which differentiates the LG G6 and LG G5 as both are pitted together.

The new leaked image seems to have originated from Chinese Social network Weibo and shows a white model of the G6 next to a silver/black G5. It shows the front and left the side of the Android Nougat smartphone and there’s a distinct lack of bezel around the screen, which the firm is calling “Full Vision”.

Contrasting both phones, the new LG G6 adopts a stylish design as it is actually shorter and a bit wider than its predecessor. The screen is larger boasting a 5.7” display compared to the 5.2” screen of the G5.

Another noticeable feature is the round corners with an unusual display resolution, which was first leaked when it announced the new interface it designed specifically for the device.

The G6 will not feature a modular design rather a flat rear, as it moves away from the camera bump that was seen on the G5. The new flagship will write its own history as it will be both glasses of water- and dust- resistant, which was absent on the G5 due to its modular design.

As earlier stated, the device will be unveiled at the firm’s press conference at MWC 2017 with the release date been scheduled in the month of April.

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