Lenovo To Shutdown Zuk Arm — All Smartphones Will Come From Motorola Mobility

If you are part of the many eagerly anticipating the launching of the next generation from the Zuk Z flagship series, then we are sorry to be the bearers of bad news.

It is no news that the Motorola Mobility arm from Lenovo has been dwindling for many months now. This led Lenovo into deciding that all their smartphones will go under one sub-brand. When we first heard this new, we all believed that the Zuk smartphone brand will take up this responsibility, however, looks like we were wrong.

Now, all Lenovo smartphones will go under the Moto brand and the first to go through this change will be the Lenovo Vibe series of devices that is usually aimed at the mid-range spectrum.


We got this information thanks to @Old Cool, a Weibo user, who went one to let us know us know that the Lenovo Zuk Z3 smartphone will not be seeing the light of day anymore. Buttressing his claim was the analyst, Pan Jiutang who reminded us of the success which the Zuk arm had brought to Lenovo at learn wining them a large fan base within a short period of time.

This arm just has a moth to go before it celebrates its 2nd anniversary, nonetheless, they have been put to a halt. In almost two years, this sub-brand has dished out four smartphones all of which are currently still raking cash into the market. They are the Zuk 1, Zuk Z2 Pro, Zuk Z2 and the most recent amongst them all being the Zuk Edge.

There was news with regards to a successor for the Zuk edge with the moniker Zuk Edge II special edition, but based on this recent occurrence, we doubt that there is still hope for this handset to storm the handset.

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