Kyocera Shows Off Solar Charge Capable Smartphone Prototype at MWC

Battery efficiency and sustainability has been the epicentre of many innovations focused on improving battery life — for the daily demanding tasks users undertake — and this has birthed the likes of ZeroLemon who specializes in detachable battery packs for smartphones.

Different methods of charging have surfaced in recent times ranging from the traditional dock and charge method to the presumably wireless charging technologies which is currently being adopted by most flagship device manufacturers.

MWC has seen the showcase of amazing new and upcoming devices in just a few days and a definite eye-catcher is Kyocera’s smartphone prototype which has a solar system integrated into its display. Could this be the answer to battery longevity?

kyocera solar phone 2

This smartphone has a waterproofed 5 inches Full HD panel — that should most likely run on Android — though it’s not yet specified giving the fact that this phone is still in its development stage.

kyocera solar phone 1


The Japan-based OEM partnered with Sunpartner Technologies to produce such a device which gives you one minute talk time upon 3 minutes contact with sunlight—which is super slow– but since it’s a prototype, it’s quite acceptable and the finished product should perform way better.

Having the solar panel on the display has its advantages as you can use your smartphone whilst it charges as opposed to back solar chargers. For gaming enthusiasts, you can keep burning your battery as it automatically recharges upon exposure to light that’s of course if you do not exhaust the charge time.


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