iPhone X Passes Bend, Burn, Drop, and Scratch Tests With Impressive Results

It’s barely a week since the launch of Apple’s iPhone X smartphone that saw a glass-finish design on its body. Like every other top-end flagship device, the iPhone X had to go through its own test in order to see what the flagship device is really made of.

This new report comes revealing what might have been a rigorous test of the iPhone X handset. The test saw the handset going through endurance test, bend test, burn test, and a scratch test.

To our surprise, the latest flagship device from Apple appeared to have undergone these tests with flying colors. One separate report also revealed the iPhone X coming out on top after a drop test.

Apple’s handsets were always known to score impressive results every time they go through this sort of tests except for the company’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus handset that was overly hyped for nothing, came down crashing after it was put through similar tests.

According to the report, the iPhone X proved its resistive nature after material like keys, coins, and a razor blade were used to scratch the device.

Well, we are not that surprised, as the company hinted that the handset was to be built with level 6 glass panels prior to its launch, that makes the device most durable.

Compared to other iPhone devices, the iPhone X comes with a strengthening layer of 70 percent deeper. So now we know why it can’t easily sustain a scratch.

Moving on, the handset also went through a burn test that burnt off the oleophobic coating that rolled out with new iPhone. As it turns out, the glass panel remained intact.

As if that isn’t enough, the iPhone was also seen going through a drop test from waist height, and somehow the side, front and rear did not sustain cracks. Even so, the phone saw a fall from a head height without sustaining any form of damage compared to the iPhone 8 device that sustained several cracks.

To conclude the iPhone X also went through the bend test and high-grade stainless-steel device refused to budge. If you were ever doubting the highly premium iPhone X device, you might want to rethink on that now.

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