iPhone X Affected by Buzzing Sound From Earpiece Speaker, Some Users Report

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about top-end flagship devices, is the fact that they are not without flaws. The iPhone X device, which is currently the most talked about device in the world right now, is facing its nightmares as the handset appears to have been linked with several issues, just a few weeks after its unveiling.

Not too long ago, multiple users reported that they were experiencing an issue the iPhone X tagged ‘’ unresponsive in cold weather conditions. ‘’

Now, another problem seems to have surfaced online, and this time around users are complaining about a buzzing sound from its earpiece speaker.

According to the victims, the hiccup becomes noticeable at higher volume levels and isn’t resolved even when they managed to replace them.

If the problem isn’t going away even after they replaced their units, then it only means that it is a general iPhone X complication.

This could be bad for the Cupertino-based giants as many more users across the globe are very likely to experience the same thing.

It’s only a matter of time before the issue graduates to a worldwide iPhone X ‘’nightmare’’ that the company might have a hard time waking up from.

We’ve seen the likes of high-end flagship devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 that was widely enlivened until it went down the drain, making it into the record books of failed handsets.

Well, some might argue that the fate of Apples’ iPhone X is nothing compare to that of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. Well, it’s just a matter of time!

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