iPhone 8 Users Complain of ‘Crackling’ Earpiece Sound, Apple to Release Fix Soon

It’s barely two weeks since we saw the unveiling of Apple’s flagship iPhone 8 device and the so-called TOP END handset is already giving trouble to first-time handlers.

The report comes stating how several users have been experiencing a crackling sound on their iPhone 8 handsets. The issue is with the handset’s earpiece that has been observed cause a disturbance on phone calls.

Well, most of us aren’t surprised, given a stigma that usually involves top-end flagship handsets. Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 that exploded in the faces of the user, Apple wouldn’t have to worry much, as this issue is one that can be easily resolved.

Thankfully, the Cupertino-based company has acknowledged that some customers are facing this issue and that it is already working on a fix that should be released soon.

According to one report, Apple revealed that it was fully aware of the whole situation and is currently working on bringing a solution for it.

As it turns out, Apple is working on releasing a software update that will rectify every sound issue that some users are complaining about.

Additionally, other users that experienced the same issue posted on the company’s official forum, stating how sporadic the problem is.

According to one unknown user, the person claimed that the issue presents itself on some calls (regular as well as FaceTime) but not on others.

The users also pointed out that the crackling sound could not be heard when the earpiece was used as a loudspeaker. Separately, Apple has released iOS 11.0.1 update, which came with performance improvements and bug fixes.

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