IP68 Certification on The Nomu S Series Devices Tested — Video Included

Nomu is a name which is increasingly reappearing online showing off new smartphones with pretty niche implementations and top class specifications and this time around, they are out to show all the capabilities of their smartphones under the S series.

One spec worth taking note of which the smartphones under their S-series of devices feature is the addition of the IP68-waterproofing capabilities which keeps the phone dust-proof and waterproof as well in waters that measure more than 1 meter deep.

To proof the capabilities of this smartphone and how effective their IP68 certificate is, the folks over at Nomu have gone forth to produce a video for us to see how well this smartphone would survive under water and in dust.

They dipped this smartphone into the water and left it for some time before it is taken out showing all functionalities intact.  They also went on to drown it in a river yet it still lived to tell the tale. Another portion saw them burying the handset in sand and mud and impressively, they scaled through without any scratches recorded.

Nomu S Series

Added to the awesome IP68 waterproofing certificate is the hefty battery pack all these handsets feature which is one worth talking about. More so, all three batteries come fully equipped with fast charging technologies that refuel your batteries within a shorter charge time.

We see the least powerful amongst this trio being the Nomu S10 and it features a hefty 5000mAh battery pack with an asking price of $129.99, next on the line is the Nomu S20 which is ruggedized with a price tag of $169.99 whereas the last is the most powerful and it would cost you $259.99

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