iGaming Industry Embracing Use of RSA Security Tokens for Two-Factor Authentication

As the iGaming industry continues to expand into the mainstream, with eSports leagues and tournament series offering real money prizes, the security of player accounts has become a prime focus for consumers and companies alike.

To that end, online video gaming platforms like Steam, along with casino gaming sites and massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) like World of Warcraft, are increasingly adapting RSA Security Tokens as the preferred method of account protection.

Officially known as the SecurID Hardware Token, a product of global computer network security firm RSA Security LLC, the term RSA Security Token is typically used to describe either a hardware or software component used to perform two-factor authentication.

In layman’s terms, two-factor authentication involves two components: a personal passcode or personal identification number (PIN) that is known through memorization, and a random passcode that can only be viewed by the holder of a hardware or software element.

The preferred hardware choice is a USB-style stick or key fob that users hold onto and guard closely and which is used to display randomly generated six- or eight-digit passcodes.


Additionally, users who prefer software can download the RSA Security Token app directly to their Android device via the Play Store (link below).

RSA SecurID Software Token
RSA SecurID Software Token
Developer: RSA Security
Price: Free
  • RSA SecurID Software Token Screenshot
  • RSA SecurID Software Token Screenshot
  • RSA SecurID Software Token Screenshot
  • RSA SecurID Software Token Screenshot
  • RSA SecurID Software Token Screenshot
  • RSA SecurID Software Token Screenshot

This works in much the same way as the hardware method, replacing the USB stick or key fob with your Android-powered phone, tablet, or other mobile device. For a better idea on how the RSA Security Token app is used on Android devices, RSA published a short video to walk users through the process.

Rather than simply setting up a password through an iGaming platform’s central server – a level of protection that is still considered quite strong in and of itself – many users prefer to apply a secondary level of safeguards to shield sensitive account information.

By procuring an RSA Security Token, which generally cost $50 and below, and connecting it to a particular iGaming account, the only way to gain access is through the two-way authentication process.

Upon reaching the login screen, users input their usual account password or PIN as usual, but entry to the account isn’t secured just yet. From there, the user must check their handheld RSA Security Token hardware, Android app, or desktop client, to obtain a randomly generated six- or eight-digit passcode.

To further strengthen the security measures, this passcode will only be visible for a short duration of time, usually just 30 to 45 seconds, before being replaced by another.

This process of two-way authentication is being readily embraced by iGaming industry leaders, and in fact, major developers like Blizzard Entertainment – the brains behind hit games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch – are now selling branded authenticators using RSA Security Token technology.

The world’s leading online poker company PokerStars encourages users to adopt the tool by offering generous discounts to regular players through the site’s VIP Store. And users of the Steam direct-to-desktop-and-mobile video gaming network have been clamoring for security token integration for several years.

Blizzard Entertainment, PokerStars, and Steam can all be accessed via dedicated Android apps, each boasting over 10 million installations.

Every sector of the iGaming industry is flourishing, as adults tap into their youth by enjoying traditional video games, classic casino offerings, and modern MMORPG immersive worlds. And while each of these variants can be played without financial data being involved, they all incorporate optional real money economies – including in-game transactions and trades, wagering on contests of skill, and achieving upgraded account status.

As such, user communities are exploring secondary security measures like RSA Security Tokens to provide peace of mind when it comes to secure payment processing and the assurance of privacy.

For regular users of the world’s most popular iGaming platforms, adding the strength of two-factor authentication through an RSA Security Token is a sound investment in account security.

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