Huawei Honor 8 to Receive 2 Years of Updates

Not too long ago, Huawei launched one out of there many expected flagship devices dubbed the Huawei Honor 8 which hit the market hard with some pretty impressive specifications that has been the reason why the device is surfing the markets’ high currents.

More so, the folks over at Huawei has also spread out good news to the owners of this device which says that users of this handset would be consistently receiving 2 (two) years worth of updates for their Huawei Honor 8 smartphones.


It is no news that Chinese smartphones are stepping up in terms of features and are additionally entering the international market, however it is worrisome that most of these manufacturers do not really put much efforts on following up their handset with updates.

We mostly see this with larger OEMs like the makers of Nubia handsets, ZTE and Huawei nonetheless, smaller game changers like Ulefone – whose Ulefone Metal smartphone was saved from a 100m by a condom – and Umi have been taking good care of released handsets as they constantly make updates available for them.


We see that with the growing trend and innovations going on in the smartphone spectrum, devices which do not receive updates tend to be left behind just a few months after they have been launched making it a turn off for most buyers.

So we see that this news is not just a good news to the buyers of the Huawei Honor 8 smartphone, but we are sure to see an increase in sales as most buyers get interested in smartphones which regularly receive updates.

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