HTC Users Complain Keyboard App Is Showing Ads, Company Says It’s an ‘Error’

Shortly after complaints were laid by HTC users, who claimed they were seeing ads on the company’s inbuilt keyboard application, the company wasted no time in addressing the matter.


Going by one report, the company has disclosed that it won’t be showing ads on TouchPal, the keyboard application, claiming that the ads found their way to keyboard app “due to error”.

The company further added that a software update is currently in the works, assuring affected users that the issue would soon be completely resolved.

Just last week, we saw different posts circulating the web showing ads on HTC’s keyboard application, and many users joined the forum to complain about seeing the same ads on their HTC-branded handsets. As it turned out, HTC 10 was one of the devices identified whose users were said to be impacted.

While confirming in one report, HTC claims that some users were indeed seeing ads on the keyboard application, but however, has special plans to get rid of the ads.

While HTC has shown concerns to its many handset users, the majority are still reportedly doubting whether or not the company will be able to completely get rid of the ads.

We can all agree that HTC is a well-renowned smartphone brand and has rolled out top-end handsets. The company, even though just came back into the smartphone game after laying low for quite some-time now, still has a lot of work to do.

HTC 10 Android Phone
And with this present chain of events, it is quite safe to say that the reputation of the company hangs in a very fragile place.

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