HTC Put Plans in Place to Launch the HTC Desire 10

One of the best smartphones to hit the market this year was the HTC 10 but regardless of its specs, this smartphone did not succeed commercially. Recent Reports has shown that the HTC 10 is still struggling to sell its units and it has been speculated that they might be able to sell a million units by the end of the year.

Other competitors like Samsung that are showing commercial success with 26 million Galaxy S7 units sold (i.e. both S7 and S7 edge) from March until now. It would seem that a more affordable HTC 10 could be there solution.


Either way looks like this manufacturer has come up with a plan to redeem their slowing crumbling HTC 10 with a new device dubbed the HTC Desire 10 sometime in September as revealed by well renowned leak-star, Evan Blass or @evleaks.

While there is no news yet on the features that the Desire 10 would house, it had been suggested that the handset rear camera would be relatively similar with the HTC 10 (laser auto focus and a dual LED flash) and would be sold at a cheaper price, although we doubt the decline in price would be very significant.

HTC Desire 10

If we are to follow the trend of HTC recent Desire phones, we would speculate that the Desire 10 would have most of the HTC 10 features with little improvements, some new features and maybe made out of plastic instead of metal. But these are all still guesses and wishes until HTC releases more about the new device all we can do is to keep our fingers cross.

Join the comments below to show your views on the matter, what you’d love to see in the Desire 10 and how to improve commercial sales of the HTC 10.

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