How to Watch Live Apple Sep 12 Event on Any Device

We are just a few days away from Apple’s big event and it seems like more rumors about what products might be released seem to be pouring down than ever.

As far as we know, the event is scheduled for 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST on the 12th of September – and you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Going by preliminary reports, we are likely to see Apple release the alleged iPhone 8 smartphone, Apple Watch 3, Apple 4K TV and many others.

Even better, other reports are claiming that the company might showcase the widely anticipated iPhone 7S and 7Plus devices as well.

Though we can’t say for sure what to expect from Apple on that day, previous reports have hinted that we might definitely see a new iPhone device coupled with wireless charging technology and a bezel-less display console.

If you are interested in Live-streaming the event on your device, then you have indeed come to the right place. In here, you’ll find out steps on how to watch what might be Apple’s biggest event of the year on any device.

Who knows, you might just be in luck to witness Apple make an announcement about when it plans on rolling out iOS 11 and what a joyful moment for you, to be one of the first hearers of such wonderful news – this, of course, only applies to die-hard lovers of Apple’s iPhone devices!

Read on to find out more on how to watch Live Apple September 12 event on any device.

How to watch the Apple launch event on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
For users planning on Live-streaming the event on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices, should make sure it runs iOS 7 and above.

If your iOS matches the one mentioned above, then you can simply open up the Safari browser and head to Apple’s official web page to watch the event.

How to watch the Apple launch event on a Mac
If you are planning to watch the event on your Apple-made PC, then you must take note of the following:

• You can only watch the event using the Safari internet browser that comes with your PC.
• Your Safari browser should be 6.0.5 or later
• Make sure you are running OS X 10.8.5.

Once you have all these things in place, then you are good to go.

How to watch the Apple launch event on a Windows PC
As part of Apple’s plans to reach out to a larger crowd, the company also made it possible for users with Windows PCs to Livestream the event as well.

Users on this platform must have Windows 10, and Microsoft’s Edge web browser in order to view the Livestream event. You can simply head to Apple’s web page using your Microsoft Edge browser and watch the September 2017 event.

Another way you can watch the event is to stream through a VLC media player that comes with your Windows PC. This usually works best with the latest version of the VLC media player. Once you’ve installed the software, you can head to the top-left corner and click on the option called Media.

After that, you’ll see the Network Stream, click on it and put in the network URL of the stream.
However, you must take note that the URL will only become available when the stream goes live.

How to watch the Apple launch event on Apple TV
To Livestream via your AppleTV you’ll need the following:
• You must have a 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation of the box.
• It must be running 6.2 software version and above.

Thanks to Apple, who is always thinking ahead, has released a special Apple Events app that can be downloaded to your box right away.

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