How to Turn Off Android Camera Sound (Disable Shutter Sound)

All Android phones and tablets today have cameras and some of the high-end ones even go above 10 mega pixels. However, people regularly complain about the default camera app’s shutter sound and want to know how they can turn off Android camera sound to take photos without being noticed.

Firstly, you should check camera settings. When the camera app is open, hit the menu key and go to settings and then look for shutter sound and turn it off. This works for a lot of devices.

The second way is to simply put your phone on vibrate, because as you turn down all volume, the camera sound is also turned off. However, these methods don’t always work because some countries have regulations which make it mandatory for manufacturers to ensure that phone cameras cannot be muted.

If your Android has no settings to disable camera sound then you might have to use different apps (for rooted and unrooted devices) given below.

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Camera Sound Off! (Root)

The Camera Sound Off app only works for rooted Android devices and is compatible with nearly all models from Samsung, Motorola, Sony and the Nexus line. However, the app is still in beta stage so if it doesn’t work you can contact the developer for support.

Camera Sound off! (root)
Camera Sound off! (root)
Developer: Alex K.
Price: Free

Silent Camera

You know how the Android OS supports apps for nearly every feature – the camera is no exception. This is basically a third party camera app which doesn’t have any shutter or shooting sounds and allows you to capture photos and videos silently. The app is free to download and has several features including continuous shoot, zoom and auto focus.

No Sound Camera

The No Sound Camera app is another third party camera app which has most of the features you expect and need. Apart from being silent, the app allows you to modify settings like exposure, white-balance, focus and resolution. However, since the app is free, it allows internet access to show ads, which is something that might put you off.

No Sound Camera【Silent Camera】
No Sound Camera【Silent Camera】

Camera Mute Apk

If you don’t have a rooted Android phone or tablet but want to use an app which can disable your camera sound then camera mute will do the trick. You can download the apk file from the link we will share below and then simply copy it on to your Android device, install it and run it.

The app mainly works with Samsung phones but you can try it on other models as well.

Camera Mute Apk

Download Camera Mute Apk here.

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Warning: Please note that disabling your Android camera sound or turning it off may be illegal in your country. If you still proceed with the steps in this guide or use the apps listed here, you do so at your own responsibility.

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